Page vii ALBI 20:

The date of the ms. is rather 950-1000 rather than 925-950 according to P.-M. Gy and J. Vezin, but from 1000-1050 according to B. Bischoff (cf. pp 43 note 43, 72 note 44, 163 line l-2, 217 line 20, 312 note 335 and 352 line 8).


Page vii ALBI 44:  

The Series of responsories quoted p. 43 note 43 has subsequently been emended by the editor. The full series is now RR: 72, 82, 14, 1, 24, 56, 36, 93, 28, 53, 32, 51, 112, 27, 40 and 68. John A. Emerson’s edition was completed after his death by Lila Collamore: Albi, Bibliothèque Municipale Rochegude, Manuscript 44: A Complete Ninth-Century Gradual and Antiphoner from Southern France, Ottawa, Canada: Institute of Medieval Music, 2002. The responsories from the Office of the Dead are taken from Emerson’s edition pp. 336-337. The correct series will be added in the Regensburg database


Page xi CAM 119D and CAM 2:

The series are taken from W.H. Frere’s facsimile-edition of the Sarum Antiphonary vol ii p. 580 (1901, reprint 1966), hence the obsolete library codes.


Page xv FALKNER 1-4:

J. Meade Falkner’s collection in Durham was dispersed after his death in 1932 and does not exist any longer. The excerpts were taken down by G.-M. Beyssac when the manuscripts were still in Falkner’s possession.


Page xvii KRL 50A and KRL 50B:

The correct library code is 60A and 60B. My codes should consequently be KRL 60A and KRL 60B.The manuscript is from Zwiefalten and not from Reichenau, according to Dr. R. Klugseder. Corrections should be inserted on pp. 108, 180, 239 note 99, 403-404, 409, 411-12, 416 and 418.


Page xix BL 431:

The origin as well as the date of this Psalter are disputed and must be regarded with caution pp. 117, 246 and 290 note 258.


Page xxiii MUN14771A and MUN14771B:

The correct library code is CLM 14741 and my codes should consequently be MUN14741A and MUN14741B. The place of origin is Niederaltaich and not St. Emmeram, according to Dr. R. Klugseder. This information should be corrected pp. 124, 194 and on the map Fig. 19 (p. 262).


Page xxiv OXF 572:

Glastonbury as the origin of this ms. has long been discounted, among others by S.J.P. van Dijk. The name of origin must be cancelled on pp. 97 and 318 note 354.


Page xxxviii VAT 173:

Central Italy should be Northern Italy, according to Christopher Hohler. To be added on p. 151 and corrected p. 293 line 11.


Page xli STUTT 75:

This breviary is not from St. Paulinus, Trier, but from St. Ulrich and Afra, Augsburg, according to Dr. R. Klugseder. The corrected place of origin should be inserted on pp. 199, 235 note 85 and 358.


Page xliv VIE1826A and VIE1826B:

The ms. is from St. Georg, Prüfening (Regensburg), according to Dr. R. Klugseder. This information should be inserted pp. 125, 192 and 265 note 181.


Page xliv ZUR 8:

Is from Einsiedeln, according to Dr. R. Klugseder. The place of origin should be added on pp. 180 and 351.


Page 222 note 51 last line:

St. Omer was not made a diocese until 1559; in the middle ages it was a collegiate church with its proper liturgy.


Page 418 col. 2 lines 9-10:

The verse Stephane miles, invicte dei should continue:qui pro tuis exorasti inimicis, multo magis adjuva illos.



Misspellings and blunders:


Page liii line 16: Handscriften à Handschriften and Insterlagen à Interlaken

Page 11 line 5 from below: was à were

Page 23 line 12: initiae à initia

Page 43 note 43: Emmerson à Emerson

Page 44 line 16 and page 400 col. 2 line 6: monumentum à monumento

Page 55 line 2: that à when

Page 85 line 18: creatori à creatoris

Page 213 line 23: cancel “once more”

Page 227 line 18: beseeched à besought

Page 249 line 3: V 399: Jesu redemptor à V 368: Miserere mei

Page 249 line 5: V 368: Miserere mei à V 399: Jesu redemptor

Page 254 map Fig 18 and page 257 line 1 from below: Frauenmünster à Grossmünster

Page 254 line 2: brother à son

Page 276 line 19: p. XX à p. 69

Page 307 line 1: Paschal III à Paschal II

Page 343 line 6: pp. 164-165 à 174-178

Page 361 line 14: thoughrough à thorough

Page 374 line 14: p. 32 à p. 33

Page 380 line 16: brakes à breaks

Page 383 line 2 from below: alternating with à alternative with

Page 389 68 Peccante me à 68 Peccantem me

Page 397 col. 1 line 18: gavisi à gravisi

Page 404 col. 2 lines 19-20: iniquitaes à iniquitates

Page 404 line 4 from below: (R 38 à (R 38)

Page 407 col. 1 line 20: Libra à Libera